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, where is the justice? cbs 5 reporter john ramos on his courtroom antics. >> reporter: in a martinez courtroom the justice system is playing itself out. but for those who have to endure it, it doesn't feel much like justice. >> we know what happens basically. he has confessed to it several times in court. we just have to go through the process. that's the endurance part that's really heart. >> reporter: he is on trial for the 2009 murder of his ex- girlfriend, deborah ann ross, and her friend, ersie everette. burris allegedly shot them both in a jealous rage at the toll plaza of the richmond/san rafael bridge where ross worked as a tolltaker but because burris is acting as his own attorney at trial the families of the victims are having insult added to their injuries. >> he is allowed to say so many outrageous and really hurtful things to the family. >> the things that he said about [ bleep ] my family and he don't give a [ bleep ] you know -- >> reporter: he said that in open court? >> yeah, he said that on tuesday. >> he said he really didn't care, they were dead, he was glad he s
supervisor john goya says ignoring the law could jeopardize the fund. >> the irs could do away with our tax-exempt status if we don't follow this state law. >> reporter: a classic case of spiking. san ramon valley fire cheap craig bowen retired with a base pension of $193,000. add in unused sick leave, standby pay, management pay, car allowance, administrative leave and topped with $28,000 of unused vacation, brings his pension to $295,000 a year for life. today's decision would have prevented him from adding the unused vacation. sciu contra costa president alan cohen says while there have been abuses, he still defends the practice. >> private sector has nothing like this. >> that's -- that's true. and it's -- it's only true because of the slow erosion over the past 30 years of -- of unions. >> reporter: without a real option the board voted. >> 7 yeses and 2 nos. motions passes. >> reporter: and the lawyers are lining up. >> we sue them, they sue the state we sue the state. everybody sues everybody. rather than being reactionary like they are i might sit back and couple months see what sha
are planning to walk off the job tomorrow. they say it is a fight for their survival. cbs 5 reporter john ramos tells us the advantage nurses say they have to get management to listen. >> reporter: at their union office in downtown oakland, nurses are gearing up for a one- day strike tomorrow morning at seven bay area sutter healthcare hospital. >> we are going to have yet another strike against sutter. >> reporter: if this all sounds familiar maybe it's because they did the same thing in july. and june. and may. in fact, if you count the hospitals individually there have been more than 70 work stoppages in the past two years. >> for the nurses it's going to be whatever it takes as long as it takes. there's no -- this isn't a game for the nurses. this is life and death. >> reporter: the series of 24- hour strikes have forced sutter to hire temporary replacement staff on expensive five-day contracts. and the strategy has had some success with management backing down at several area hospitals in the last year. >> i think it has been quite effective. >> reporter: ken jacobs studies labor trends fo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3